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Building Narumu Labour and Delivery Centre to Save Lives

“Women are walking about twenty miles from their homes to our centre” says a Doctor Ladislaus Paul Ritte, Doctor in Charge at Narumu clinic. “Sometime they may die on the way to the dispensary.” Narumu clinic is a last mile...

Bag of Life

Most women in Narumu live in extreme poverty. As farmers, most of their income is seasonal and when it arrives must fulfil many priorities such as food, house maintenance and seed and other input for the next farming season. Pregnancy...

Importance of Breast Feeding

After a mother gives birth to a child her body does an amazing thing by creating breast milk to feed her new baby. But the process actually begins during pregnancy with the mother’s production of colostrum. Some women even notice...

Maternal Health Services

Approximately, twenty-three babies are born each day in Narumu and, despite expanding government coverage of maternal and child health care facilities, at least one or two of these children will die every day. Much too often a new or soon-to-be...

Narumu’s Women

In December 2017, the Tanzanian Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children launched the National Guidelines for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Healthcare Facilities. These guidelines set standards and outline an approach for the provision of water...

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy is an awe inspiring time when a woman the amazing thing of growing another human being inside of her womb. The average length of a human pregnancy is about 40 weeks and slightly longer for first time mothers at...

About Us

Located in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, Village Narumu is a remote village with a population of more than 226,000. In Tanzania, a village refers to a broad area of small family farms and cattle grazing areas. With a birth rate of 36.8, approximately 23 new babies are being born each day in this secluded village surrounded by a vast region with paved roads What’s hidden behind this figure is the number of deaths of newborn babies and their mothers.

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New guidance from @WHO overturns decades of previous advice, which said that labor which progressed at a slower rate than 1 centimeter of cervical dilation per hour in the first stage was risky: https://t.co/0de8nSmITy via @guardian

Tanzania has made progress in reducing under-five deaths, but newborn mortality remains high. Read about it in the new UNICEF report, released today https://t.co/4SmAkRmV4n

We’re calling on🌍leaders to invest more in quality, affordable health care for mothers and their babies.
Will you join us? Sign our petition → https://t.co/ysxi0jJjvv

In #Tanzania, where 1/3 physicians are women, Lillian Alphonce Mbuni boldly pursues her dream of a healthier world. https://t.co/k15lrIjgRo

“There are 2 standards of care, but that doesn't have to be the case.” #ICYMI, watch @VBKerry on @VOANews https://t.co/3PLW1Sya1L

22 more pediatric deaths caused by the flu, bringing the total number to 84 this season, new CDC report says. https://t.co/VHpk9a4i07

The #Picademy 2018 application for these programs opens on February 1st (next Thursday!!!) 🌟And so if you know any amazing educators, please share & tell them to apply then! https://t.co/TNp4mh905F #PiChatUSA

.@MCSPglobal brief w/ key msgs from @WHO’s recs on ANC for a positive pregnancy message https://t.co/hoCpDp7iwC

A study published in the American Journal of Hypertension indicates that women who #breastfeed more children—and for longer periods of time—are less likely to suffer from #hypertension after menopause. This is less true among obese women, however: https://t.co/DdUstPaEJT

Stories and Stats: Can village bylaws and penalties improve maternal and newborn health? - https://t.co/Sc86sO7pZv

Clean water is the only charge for giving birth in this delivery room, by @WaterAidCanada https://t.co/ZJn3ilcvo6

@ChildbirthSI is excited H.E. Dr. @jmkikwete former President of #Tanzania & respected #maternalhealth advocate is the keynote speaker at #CSI5Anniversary on Friday, April 6, 2018. Save #MothersofAfrica w/partners, friends @WRATanzania @YUNA_Tz @umwalimu @RuhakanaR @ToyinSaraki

It's stats like this that make us press forward, harder, every day to ensure that TODAY the women we serve in #Tanzania have access to the high quality #maternalhealth care they need. 160 years is too long to wait #endstillbirths https://t.co/0IOZFgXNJL

We’re wrapping up our *new* year’s focus on #newbornhealth. As a #disability hospital, why do we also focus on #newborn & #maternalhealth? Find out: https://t.co/ChZkjCAtC0

Did you miss our recent news about the #CleanStudy in Tanzania? Find out more https://t.co/om8PfSwXJM @LSHTMpress @NHSLanarkshire @ifakarahealth #maternalhealth #WASH

#MaternalMonday throwback to when we sat down w/ @CCBRTTanzania's Dr Brenda and @GirlsGlobe to discuss the difference between becoming a mother in Tanzania vs. the US: https://t.co/tVltjkvQR5

Covered in new #MHBuzz: intervention coverage, equity and drivers of reproductive, maternal, newborn & child health from @Countdown2030, long-term risks and benefits associated with #csection, men's involvement in #maternalhealth & more: https://t.co/DBeG40Tsmk #MaternalMonday

No woman should have to face a criminal charge for the outcome of her pregnancy. #maternalhealth https://t.co/t4kVAHLj4w

‘Strength and determination’: Inside a Haitian maternity clinic https://t.co/nfGRtQNiYC

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