Dorothy Mboya, Building Lives in Narumu

Tujenge Maisha means “let’s build lives.” This is at the core of Dorothy Mboya’s mission in Narumu. Dorothy was born into a poor family in Narumu on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. With her father’s encouragement and faith in her she defeated this poverty by becoming a nurse. Now a registered nurse in the United States, Dorothy travels back to Narumu frequently not just to visit but also to help improve the lives of women and babies in her country of birth. Dorothy says, “I’ve seen the difference between the care of women here [US] and women in…

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Ladislaus Paul Ritte (MD)

Dr. Ritte was born in Narumu, he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in the year of 2012. Currently he works as a registrar in Kibong'oto Infectious Diseases Hospital (KIDH). In his spare time, he also works as a volunteering doctor at Narumu's current health center. In the future he will oversee project Labor and Delivery Center, and act as a primary doctor for the center.

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Momo Zheng

Momo met Dorothy while she was giving birth in the hospital. She was very moved by the initiative of Tujenge Maisha and decided to join Dorothy. They've been working together since then.

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