Narumu is a secluded village situated in Tanzania’s Hai District. Located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, this village is cut off from the rest of the world due to its broad expanse with no paved roads. In Tanzania, a village refers to a broad area of small family farms and cattle grazing areas. In the lap of Mother Nature, Narumu is struggling to survive as a community. Out of 226k people residing in this remote village, more than 52,000 are women of reproductive age. With a birth rate of 70%, this village witnesses astonishingly high rates of infant mortality and maternal death. The single health center in this village is insufficient to serve the needs of the village. With only two rooms, the health center is 20 miles away from the village with no transportation facilities. Furthermore, there is neither medical equipment nor designated doctors to safely deliver babies at this center. With 23 babies being born every day, it is impossible for a single doctor serve the entire village. Dr. Ladslaus Ritte works with no pay and is the only doctor at this center.

This health center has no ultrasound equipment or other sophisticated medical machinery. With no medicines or electricity, it is impossible to provide prenatal or postpartum mother-infant care at the center. The nearest hospital is 50 miles away. There is a dramatic need to upgrade this medical center, but there is little hope because of a lack of proper social initiatives.

With this in mind, Tujenge Maisha was Incorporate as a nonprofit organization and founded in 2012 by Dorothy Mboya. She was born in Narumu in an extremely poor family that made it possible for her to appreciate the pain that the residents go through. She aims to build a Labor and Delivery Center with all the modern equipment and medical facilities. It will be capable of delivering babies and providing prenatal and postpartum mother-infant care. In order to make her dream come true and save the lives of mothers and new born babies of Narumu, Tujenge Maisha is accepting donations from generous people. Donate today and help us enrich lives in this remote village. We want to promote maternal child health care across this village and eliminate any risk of maternal death. We have a phased budget plan for this project and our organization needs funds to carry on with this noble work.

With our belief in proper healthcare for all, Tujenge Maisha is our medium to bring put the intended betterment in the lives at this village. Our main goal is to save the lives of newborn babies and their mothers, and to provide quality care for the people of Narumu.